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Anissa Horton (Reynolds)

My family came here in the early 1900's. My grandfather, Frank Reynolds helped build part of Collinsville, as well as the historic Brookside area in Tulsa. I love to see the old picture of the town. I do want to know if they plan on building back up some of the houses in Collinsvilles township. I took my family thru the town the other day, and except for main street, the other parts of town had abondand and falling down houses. Visitors will see this too!

Collinsville, Oklahoma

Mike Hill

I have lived in this fine city for thirteen years and think it's one of the nicer places to live in N.E. Oklahoma, except for having to put up with the stench of Darling International. I feel this buisness is doing more harm than good to the city by discourging people from wanting to relocate here and depressing property values. With all the technology available they could clean up ther act. I do not want someone to lose there job, but I feel they have out stayed ther welcome. I know our elected city offcials cow down to them when they threatin to move, but what other city or town would want them?

Collinsville, Oklahoma

Ivan and Linda Hersh

The Wife and I really enjoyed our visit to Your City on Saturday June 15th..It had been a long time since we were up your way..We had lunch at the Silver Dollar Cafe..The building it's located in was my Grandfathers clothing store (The Famous Clothing Co.) in 1916. I have a picture taken of it then..I also was in town during the rebuilding of many of the old buildings in late 80s.
Ivan and Linda Hersh

Appreciation to Ivan Hersh for this photo of his Grandad's store in Collinsville, 1915

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