Collinsville, Oklahoma

Photos of Collinsville, Oklahoma

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(Main Street Collinsville)

(10th Street Collinsville)

Collinsville Library
(Front of the Collinsville Library)

Collinsville Library
(Back of the Collinsville Library)

Collinsville Post Office
(Collinsville Post Office)

All Above Photographs copyright by Krantz Communications

Collinsville City Hall
(Collinsville City Hall)

Collinsville City Hall
(Fire-EMS Facility)

City of Collinsville Seal
(City of Collinsville Seal)

Above 3 Photographs copyright 2006 by the City of Collinsville

Appreciation to Curtis Payne for
photo of his Grandfather and Great Grandfather: This photo with many others of the Paynes of Collinsville was in the Collinsville paper in 1978.
"Payne Trucking Co. in Collinsville hauling oil field pipe in the early days. Oscar William Payne (on the right) is shown here with one of his sons. This photo shows the north side on 1100 block of Main St."
"O.W. Payne owned and operated a trucking firm here, hauled pipe for oil fields and was a U.S. Marshal with Rod Perry."
Appreciation to Ivan Hersh for
this photo of his Grandad's store in 1915 Collinsville

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