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Happy Sunshine Days!
August, 2022

12-21: NSBA World Championship Horses Tulsa Expo Square - Built Ford Tough Livestock Complex

13-28: Something Rotten! at the Tulsa PAC

16: Tulsa Hurricane M Soccer vs Richland CC, 11am, Tulsa

18: Tulsa Hurricane W Soccer @ Mid-America Christian, 7pm

19: Tulsa Hurricane M Soccer @ Central Mehodist, 7pm

20: [3rd Saturday of the month, Apr-Oct] Cowboy Trader Days at Will Rogers Dog Iron Ranch

20: August Flea Market, 8am, Claremore Expo Center

20: Collinsville Tri-County Fair Sheep and Goat Shows, Poultry Show, Collinsville

20: Tulsa Drillers Baseball vs Indy Eleven, 7:30pm at OneOK Field

21: Tulsa Hurricane W Soccer @ @ Kansas City, 1pm

23-28: Pretty Woman at the Tulsa PAC

24: Tulsa Drillers Baseball vs Hartford Athletic FC, 7:30pm at OneOK Field

25: Tulsa Hurricane M Soccer @ Marquette, 5pm

25: Tulsa Hurricane W Soccer vs Oklahoma State, 7pm

25: Opening Reception, "Drawing on Tulsa" Screenprints Viewing

27: Tulsa Maker Faire at Tulsa Expo Square - Exchange Center

27: Tulsa Drillers Baseball vs Loudoun United FC, 7:30pm at OneOK Field

27: Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness & Dashboard Confessional, at Tulsa Brady Theater

28: Tulsa Hurricane M Soccer @ Wisconsin, 1pm

28: Tulsa Hurricane W Soccer @ Missouri State, 3pm

30: Tulsa Drillers Baseball vs NW Arkansas Naturals, 7pm at OneOK Field

30-Sep 4: Tulsa Reining Classic Tulsa Expo Square - Built Ford Tough Livestock Complex

31-Sep 3: Tulsa Drillers Baseball vs NW Arkansas Naturals, 7pm at OneOK Field
September, 2022
01: Tulsa Hurricane W Soccer vs Central Arkansas, 6pm, Tulsa

01: Tulsa Hurricane Cross Country @ Cowboy Preview, All Day

02: Tulsa Hurricane M Soccer vs Kansas City, 7pm, Tulsa

03: Tulsa Hurricane Football @ Wyoming, 2:30pm

03: Tulsa Punk Rock Flea Market Tulsa Expo Square - Central Park Hall

03: Reptile & Exotics Show, Broken Arrow

04: Tulsa Drillers Baseball vs NW Arkansas Naturals, 6pm at OneOK Field

04: Tulsa Hurricane W Soccer @ Creighton, 1pm

05: Tulsa Hurricane M Soccer vs Oral Roberts, 7pm, Tulsa

07: Tulsa Drillers Baseball vs Louisville City FC, 7:30pm at OneOK Field

07: Modest Mouse, at Tulsa Brady Theater

08: Tulsa World Spring Career Fair, at Tulsa Expo Square, Central Park Hall

08: Tulsa Hurricane W Soccer vs Oklahoma, 7pm, Tulsa

08: Art Deco Tiles at Renaissance

08-17: AMHR National Show, at Tulsa Expo Square, Built Ford Tough Livestock Complex

09: Tulsa Symphony: Walt Disney Animation Studios - A Decade in Concert, 7:30pm at OneOK Field

10: Tulsa Hurricane Football vs Northern Illinois, 6pm, Tulsa

11: Tulsa Hurricane M Soccer vs Kentucky, 7pm, Tulsa

11: Tulsa Hurricane W Soccer vs Arkansas-Pine Bluff, 1pm, Tulsa

13: Tulsa Drillers Baseball vs Springfield Cardnials, 6pm at OneOK Field

14: Tulsa Drillers Baseball vs Springfield Cardnials, 11am at OneOK Field

15: Tulsa Hurricane W Soccer vs Temple, 7pm, Tulsa

15-17: Tulsa Drillers Baseball vs Springfield Cardnials, 7pm at OneOK Field

15-25: Driving Miss Daisy at the Tulsa PAC

16: Tulsa Hurricane M Soccer @ FIU, 6

16: Funny Women of a Certain Age, at the Tulsa PAC

16-18: Volunteer Scottish/Irish Festival, Broken Arrow

17: Tulsa Hurricane Football vs Jacksonville State, 6pm, Tulsa

17: Frozen Jr at Tulsa Community College, Van Trease Pace Mainstage

17: One Night with Nikki Glaser, at Tulsa Brady Theater

18: Tulsa Drillers Baseball vs Springfield Cardnials, 6pm at OneOK Field

18: Tulsa Hurricane W Soccer vs Oral Roberts, 7pm, Tulsa

18: Distinctive Dwellings: 1915 Sears Kit Home turned Artist Studio

18: Tulsa Fairytale Ball

18: Viano Quartet, at the Tulsa PAC

20: Tulsa Hurricane M Soccer @ Missouri State, 7pm

20, 22-23: Tulsa Drillers Baseball League Championship Series, TBD

24: Tulsa Hurricane Football @ Mississippi, TBA

24: Tulsa Hurricane Volleyball @ Cowboy Jamboree, All Day

25: Tulsa Hurricane M Soccer vs Charlotte, 7pm, Tulsa

26: Tulsa Hurricane Volleyball vs Pepperdine, 9am, Tulsa

26: Tulsa Hurricane Volleyball @ Nebraska, 6:30pm

27: Tulsa Hurricane Volleyball vs Texas A&M - Corpus Christi, 1:30pm, Tulsa

29-Oct 9: Tulsa State Fair at Tulsa Expo Square Fairgrounds

30: Leanne Morgan: The Big Panty Tour, at Tulsa Brady Theater

30: Tulsa Hurricane Volleyball @ Chili Pepper Festival (Women), All Day
October, 2022
01: Tulsa Hurricane Football vs Cincinnati, TBA, Tulsa

02: Tulsa Hurricane Volleyball vs South Alabama, 1pm, Tulsa

02: Tulsa Hurricane Volleyball vs McNeese State, 5pm, Tulsa

03: Tulsa Hurricane Volleyball @ Stephen F Austin, 1:30pm

08: Tulsa Hurricane Football @ Navy, 2:30pm

09: Tulsa Hurricane Volleyball vs UTEP, 1pm, Tulsa

09: Tulsa Hurricane Volleyball @ Oral Roberts, 7pm

01-09: Tulsa STATE FAIR at Tulsa Expo Square Fairgrounds

10: Tulsa Hurricane Volleyball vs Abilene Christian, 10am, Tulsa

14: Tulsa Hurricane Volleyball @ Nuttycombe Invitational, All Day

15: Tulsa Hurricane Volleyball @ Baylor, 4pm

21: Tulsa Hurricane Football @ Temple, 6:30pm

21-29: Arabian & Half-Arabian Nat'ls, 8am Tulsa Expo Square - Built Ford Tough Livestock Complex

28: Tulsa Hurricane Volleyball, American Cross Country Championships, All Day

29: Tulsa Hurricane Football @ SMU, TBA
November, 2022
04-06: Fall Home Expo Tulsa Expo Square - Exchange Center

04-12: Color Breed Congress, 7:30am, Tulsa Expo Square - Built Ford Tough Livestock Complex

05: Tulsa Hurricane Football vs Tulane, TBA, Tulsa

10: Tulsa Hurricane Football @ Memphis, 6:30pm

11: Tulsa Hurricane Volleyball @ NCAA Midwest Regionals, All Day

17-20: Hunter Jumper Exhibitors of Okla Fall Finale, 8am, Tulsa Expo Square - Ford Truck Arena / Mustang Arena

18-20: An Affair of the Heart, 8am, Tulsa Expo Square - SageNet Center Upper Level

19: Tulsa Hurricane Volleyball @ NCAA Championships, All Day


Youth Crisis Hotline 918-740-PRAY (918-740-7729) - Local
Youth Crisis Hotline - Toll Free: 1-800-448-4663
** HELP HOTLINE ** Toll Free: 1-800-999-9999

Support Our Troops sending them an Appreciation message. Also, here's How to Support Our Troops, from military.com. (Send letters to Our Troops). You can adopt a soldier, if you don't have one of your own :)
Afghans for Angels
Looking for more volunteers to help create baby blanket gifts. If you can knit, crochet, quilt, or creatively decorate purchased blankets, we would love to have your help! Most of all, we need your help to get the word out! The more volunteers we have, the more hospitals (and families) can benefit from our services. Please help us to help others.
Project Linus - Tulsa Chapter
Provide love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need through the gifts of new, handmade blankets and afghans, lovingly created by volunteer "blanketeers." Blankets are collected locally and distributed to children in hospitals, shelters, social service agencies, or anywhere that a child might be in need of a big hug.
Tulsa Chapter Contact: Kathy, 918-510-0473   Email: kathy.watson@tdwilliamson.com
Stitches from the Heart
Seeking volunteers to knit, crochet or quilt blankets, sweaters and hats to be donated to hospitals for babies in need. more info: 918-472-6903 or Email stitchfromheart@aol.com
Tulsa Boys Home
Seeking adult volunteers to serve as mentors one hour per week. more info: Marsh Howard, mhoward@tbhinc.org, or 918-587-5030
Help Needed
MEALS On Wheels - Needs volunteers, just 2 hours of your time on the day of your choice. 918-627-4103
Help Needed - Hospice
Hospice of Green Country, volunteers needed from Tulsa, Sapulpa, Jenks, Sand Springs, to help terminally ill patients & their families. 2121 S. Columbia Ave, Suite 200, & 1005 W. Archer, Tulsa; free training, 918-747-2273.
Computer Classes
Available at all Tulsa City-County libraries, with varying schedules; classes include: Advanced enhancing your Word skills, Intermediate Microsoft Word, Internet at the Library, "Really Basic Computer Class," and Introduction to PowerPoint.
Boston Avenue Church School of Continuing Education
offering more than 40 courses including travel, music, languages, medical, legal, crafts, health, physical fitness, family life, Bible and more; located at 1301 S. Boston Avenue, Tulsa. (more info: 918-583-5181)
Founders Chorus
Meeting & Rehearsal 7:30-10pm, Tuesdays, John Knox Presbyterian Church, 2929 E 31st Street, Tulsa. Men! Join us for an evening of song. Come see how much fun it can be singing "The Old Songs". More info: 918-622-5392
Green Country Water Garden Society
meets at 7pm every 2nd Tuesday, at the Tulsa Garden Center, 24th and South Peoria. Some of our activities include plants swapping, road trips, annual pond tour, and booths at the Home & Garden Show.
Tulsa Herpetology Club
Tulsa HERP Club meets at 7pm, the 1st Thursdays of the month at the Tulsa Zoo, Helmerich Discovery Center. (more info: Email Christal, 918-812-2129)
Kiowa Language Classes
Learn the Kiowa culture, language, history and songs. Tuesdays, 7-9pm, Oilphant Hall, Room 141, University of Tulsa campus, 3015 E 7th Street, Tulsa. (more info: 918-885-2944)
Knitting & Needlepoint Classes
10am-5pm Mondays-Saturdays; Naturally Needlepoint & Knitting, 5800 S Lewis Ave, Suite 147, Tulsa. more info: 918-747-8838
Run for Your Life
Free Walking and Running Program, Gymnasium, Whiteside Park, 41st & Pittsburg, Tulsa. 5:30pm Every Mon, Wed & Fri; join any time, 918-746-5040
Tulsa Running Club Aquarunning Class: Oral Roberts University Aerobics center, 81st & Lewis Ave, Tulsa; more info: 918-852-2762
Sports Leagues & BootCamp Fitness: - Sign up for men's basketball, co-ed softball, men's flag football, co-ed kickball or co-ed sand volleyball. Bootcamp fitness classes are available Monday - Thursday. Call 918-271-2965
Tulsa Scrabble Club
Meets at the coffee shop of Barnes and Noble Southroads, 6pm Tuesdays, and 1pm Sundays; 5231 E 41st Street, Tulsa. Ages 12 and up; beginners welcomed. (more info: 918-663-4278)
Tulsa Fencing Club
Meets 7-10pm Tuesdays at Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church, 2550 E 71st Street, Tulsa. (more info: 918-743-9596 or 918-291-2498)

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